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What Really Matters in a Home Inspection

At Archer, we help you condense and distill hundreds of pages of information into critical segments. Here’s where you should invest your attention:

  1. Maintenance Recommendations
  2. Minor Imperfections and Deferred Maintenance
  3. Major Defects
  4. Things that lead to Major Defects
  5. Things that hinder your ability to finance, occupy or insure your home
  6. Safety hazards

Use this as a guideline to optimize the debrief with your Archer Inspector. It will help you keep things in perspective and focus on what's important.

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Doug Bowman

Certified home inspector, condominium document analyst and Realtor. More than 10 years experience in general real estate.

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The report was concise and accurate. We learned there had been issues in the past that were dealt with and we could buy knowing we wouldn't get any surprises. The information about booking our move-in was very timely.

Melanie and James

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