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Home Inspections (Calgary and Southern Alberta)

Timing is a critical element of inspections. Be sure to inform your specialist of your Condition Dates. Inspections are the "Due Diligence" portion of the purchase of a home and are used to satisfy Conditions. Remember, an informed buyer is a smart buyer.

Home Inspections take on average 2-3 hours. We will respond as quickly as possible but 24 hours notice is often required.

All of our contracts and reports are delivered via email and stored online for your access convenience.

Each client receives a 150 page Home Owner's Manual to help with annual maintenance and upkeep.

An inspection will visually examine the major systems of the house, including basement, the wiring, plumbing, windows and roof. Decks and pools, saunas and hot tubs can all be inspected as a condition of a sale or as preparation by the home owner prior to listing.

Inspections can cover:

  • The structure and components of the home itself
  • Systems such as plumbing, electrical, building envelope and roofing
  • Foundation, windows, insulation
  • Garage and site grade

We provide a written report with photographs, usually at the conclusion of the inspection. Information the client can use to make an informed decision.

We do not make buy or not buy recommendations nor do we remediate defects or make predictions or warranties about the life of appliances, furnaces, water heaters or roofs.

Inspectors are prohibited from doing work on any property they inspect for 12 months from the date of inspection. Consult with your real estate professional.


Home Inspections take on average 2-3 hours. Click here to book your inspection now. We will respond as quickly as possible but 24 hours notice is often required.

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We accept Bitcoin.

Here are 47 Home Inspection Issues in Under 3 Minutes

A compilation of video clips from Structure Tech Home Inspections, a Minneapolis home inspection company. This is just a taste of what home inspectors can find and document for a buyer.


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